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September 11, 2015

John Adams has been intrigued by ways of translating the world through art.

Ever since he was five and his babysitter used multiple colours to fill in an apple in his colouring book, John Adams has been intrigued by ways of translating the world through art. A motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for the outdoors, John divides his time between city and country. He says the soothing quality of his landscapes comes about in part because “I never bother with all the small details … I tend to concentrate on the overall effect or the big picture.” His work will be in the Headwaters Arts Show at the end of this month, and in Dragonfly Arts on Broadway beginning November 11.

Signe Ball is publisher/editor of In The Hills.

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  1. Loved your work in the Headwater Exhibit .

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    Jo Ann Hayter from Guelph on October 1, 2015 at 9:23 am | Reply

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