• Drum-maker Jamie Andrews invites customers to try out various drums at his workshop because it’s important the character of the drum suits the drummer. Photo by Rosemary Hasner / Black Dog Creative Arts.

    Hit your rhythm with drumming

    How to join a drumming circle and reap the benefits of drumming, which include decreasing stress and anxiety.

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  • Deborah Wilson and her husband Bruce replaced the grass in their front yard with a ground cover of colourful, maintenance-free species geraniums, while a more diverse perennial garden flourishes in their backyard. Photo by Don Scallen.

    8 Ways to Kick Your Grass Habit

    Inspiring tales from those who broke free from the rule of lawn.

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  • Joie de vivre: National dance competitors and Caledon Dance Center instructors David Valenzuela and Corina Pirvuica. Photos © Ray Vella.

    Ballroom dancing spins through Caledon

    A beginner’s ode to getting into the ballroom dancing groove.

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Artist in Residence

At Home in the Hills

Cooking with...

Fence Posts

  • Real change happens when a group of like-minded people get together on a Saturday morning to pull old tires and bedsprings out of a river. Illustration by Shelagh Armstrong.

    Grounding Exercises

    By Dan Needles

    I discovered at an early age that people who work outside with their hands tend to be more grounded than the rest of the population.

Good Sport

Headwaters Nest

  • Hygge is the now very cool idea, or movement, of cozying down, at home, with family and friends. Illustration by Shelagh Armstrong.

    The Hygge Cure

    By Bethany Lee

    How I imported the Danish love of hygge – doubling down inside with hot drinks, slow­ cooked food, knitted blankets and other cozy touches – into my life this winter.