• Hundreds of truckloads of baled recycling materials are shipped out of the Peel Integrated Material Recovery Facility each week to industries who use them in manufacturing. Photo by Pete Paterson.

    To Serve and Collect

    An ode to the army who enables our green conscience and takes out the trash.

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  • Meadows deserve the same protection and respect as our woodlands and wetlands.

    In Defence of Meadows

    Too often belittled as “idle” land awaiting development – or “rescued” by reforestation – meadows deserve the same protection and respect as our woodlands and wetlands.

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  • Charles Ernest Thomas and one of his wartime diaries.

    Face to Face with World War I

    Charles Ernest Thomas, private, 3rd Field Company, Canadian Engineers

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Artist in Residence

At Home in the Hills

  • The heritage stone house and its newer counterpart cast serene reflections on the stillness of the upper pond. Photo by Pam Purves.

    A Family Seat

    By Pam Purves

    A compound of historic buildings and fishing ponds makes an idyllic gathering place for family and friends.

Cooking with...

Fence Post

  • “You’re at 40 feet now. What’s your plan if you don’t hit water today?” Illustration by Shelagh Armstrong.

    Hard Work for Hard Water

    By Dan Needles

    Will it last through the family reunion this weekend? Should I have it tested? How do I explain delicately to the guests that long showers are not an option?

Good Sport

Headwaters Nest