10 Reasons to Advertise

1. Your message reaches 40,000 households

In The Hills is the only local magazine distributed to the entire Headwaters region – direct to the door of 40,000 households throughout Caledon, Erin, Dufferin, Orangeville and Creemore. In other words, you reach all your customers in a single buy.

2. Your message reaches up to twice as many readers as any other local magazine

In The Hills’ is delivered up to double number of homes reached by any other local magazine. Our large circulation means our rates are especially competitive on cost per thousand readers (CPM) – a good way to measure what you get for what you spend.

3. Your ad is 60 per cent larger

In The Hills’ large, attention-getting format means you get 60 per cent more space – and impact – for your full, half or quarter-page ads than in conventionally sized magazines.

4. Superb design and reproduction

Our sophisticated, attractive, uncluttered design and high-quality reproduction ensure your message is showcased to its very best advantage.

5. Every issue is read cover to cover, saved and displayed

In The Hills employs the region’s best writers to provide entertaining, thoughtful and insightful editorial features. That means our readers spend concentrated time reading every issue from cover to cover, save them for reference, and display them in their homes.

6. A loyal readership

Our popular regular columns, like Dan Needles’ Fence Posts and At Home in the Hills, have a loyal following who eagerly await each issue.

7. Your message reaches weekenders and commuters

In The Hills is delivered along the north-south traffic corridors from south Caledon to Creemore, and east-west from Hwy 50 to Erin – capturing the region’s high volume of commuters and weekenders.

8. The most comprehensive event listings

In every issue, What’s On in the Hills offers the region’s most comprehensive listings of events – another important reason readers save and refer to In The Hills throughout each season.

9. Active reader engagement

In The Hills is the only local magazine with an active letters page. That high level of reader engagement is also evident in the growing number of reader comments on our web site.

10. You’re in the company of other successful advertisers

When you advertise in In The Hills, you’re in good company. Readers view In The Hills Magazine as a trustworthy source for the best local products and services. That’s why so many of the region’s most successful businesses continue to make In The Hills their long-term advertising choice.

For information about the many ways In The Hills can help increase your advertising impact, please contact one of our regional sales managers:

Roberta Fracassi

In The Hills – Orangeville, Shelburne,
Creemore and areas north of Hwy 9

Roberta Fracassi
[email protected]

Erin Woodley

In The Hills – Caledon, Bolton, Erin
and areas south of Hwy 9

Erin Woodley
[email protected]