Canadians Love Their Magazines

Grab your customers’ full attention

In the age of multi-tasking, magazines remain the medium that most captures and holds people’s attention.

A recent study* shows that 4 in 10 viewers (38%) surf the Internet while watching television. And over a quarter of Internet users (26%) use a mobile phone at the same time.

On the other hand, one third of consumers deliberately set aside “special time” to read magazines, which enjoy a much higher percentage of primary attention than other media:

Not only that, but research also shows that readers rate ads in their favourite magazine as more helpful and informative than those in any other media.**

And that means results for your business.

In fact, 63% of In The Hills readers report they have gathered more information about a product or service advertised in the magazine. And fully 50% say they have purchased an product or service advertised in In The Hills.***

In The Hills 2019 Magazine Covers

Canadians love their magazines, and “Magazines Connect Canadians”

“Magazines Connect Canadians” is a short, fact-filled and fun look at just how effective Canadian magazine brands, on multiple print and digital platforms, are at attracting readers and serving advertisers in a complex media environment.

Canada’s magazines are evolving to meet consumer demand for content everywhere — whenever and however consumers want it to access it — while also responding to the unabated strength of print among all readers, and younger readers in particular. Canadians love their magazines, and “Magazines Connect Canadians” is compelling proof.

Reach High Value Customers

As you prepare your marketing plan for the upcoming year, we’re pleased to offer current research on the vital role magazines play in connecting, informing, inspiring and influencing consumers.

Conducted by BrandSpark International in partnership with Magazines Canada, July 2013 research shows that magazines create the strongest relationships with consumers, promote receptivity to ads, and persuade consumers to act.

One reason magazines are so effective is because consumers agree that, relative to other media, reading an engaging magazine like In The Hills:

“Feels Like a Good Use of my Time”

Reading Magazines Is A Good Use Of Time

Magazine Advertising Gives You Access to High Value Consumers

Interested in knowing more? Here’s a two-minute video that talks more about the topic:

Advertising in Magazines Allows You to Deeply Connect with Consumers

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