Who Reads What in Headwaters?

In The Hills delivers Extraordinary Advertising Impact

A 2021 survey* by a professional research firm asked readers what action they had taken in response to ads in In The Hills.

Here’s how readers responded:

  • 64% reported they had purchased a product or service advertised in In The Hills
  • 73% considered purchasing the advertised product or service
  • 85% gathered more information about the advertised product or service

What accounts for In The Hills’ extraordinary advertising impact?

The “blind” portion of the survey compared reader response to four local magazines. Respondents rated In The Hills highest by a significant margin on every count.

  • 90% read In The Hills
  • 76% like it best
  • 78% keep it longest

Why? Because In The Hills is considered the local magazine that

  • is most trustworthy on important matters  67%
  • relates most to readers’ lives in Headwaters  74%
  • makes readers most proud of where they live  75%

*In The Hills commissioned The Resource Management Consulting Group, a professional research firm, to examine reader attitudes, behaviour and readership market share for four local magazines in the Headwaters region. Undertaken in autumn 2021, the comparative portion of the telephone study was conducted without revealing who commissioned the survey, and magazines were presented in random order. The questions regarding advertising specific to In The Hills followed the “blind” portion of the survey. The sample used is considered accurate +/- 4.9%, 19 times out of 20. For more information about the survey and the methodology, contact your In The Hills advertising sales representative.

For information about the many ways In The Hills can help increase your advertising impact, please contact one of our regional sales managers:

Roberta FracassiIn The Hills – Orangeville, Shelburne,
Creemore and areas north of Hwy 9

Roberta Fracassi
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Erin WoodleyIn The Hills – Caledon, Bolton, Erin
and areas south of Hwy 9

Erin Woodley
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