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Signe Ball

Signe Ball is publisher/editor of In The Hills.

Darlene Hassall

Jun 20, 2016

Shelburne artist Darlene Hassall is well known for her abstract art and portraits.


Mar 21, 2016

This spring we can do something we’ve never been able to do before in these hills: Visit a local vineyard and winery.

Pat Burns-Wendland

Mar 21, 2016

Accomplished fabric artist Pat Burns-Wendland has produced a series of four handwoven silk kimonos representing the seasons of her life.

Let’s Celebrate!

Nov 25, 2015

A hometown boy makes good on his childhood dream of playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Peter Dusek

Nov 25, 2015

Peter Dusek was recently awarded Best Work by an Emerging Artist by the Ontario Society of Artists and named one of 24 Best of 2015 by The American Society of Media Photographers.

Autumn Palette: Headwaters Arts Festival 2015

Sep 11, 2015

Featuring the work of 39 of the region’s finest artists, the show acts as a kind of headquarters for the many art tours, open studios, and other arts events.

Ars longa

Sep 11, 2015

A large part of this fall issue, as is our tradition, is devoted to a celebration of the arts.

John Adams

Sep 11, 2015

John Adams has been intrigued by ways of translating the world through art.

A different perspective on this place we call home

Jun 16, 2015

For most of us “home” is a mythical place – constructed from a collective idea of who we are and how we live. It can be a very comfortable place and well worth celebrating.

Shawn Murenbeeld

Jun 16, 2015

In his spare time, artist Shawn Murenbeeld hunts for artifacts of contemporary life – remaking them into whimsical sculptures (the one at left is titled, “R U Receiving?”)

Change and Renewal

Mar 23, 2015

The theme of change and renewal exemplified by Trevor Cole runs throughout this issue – not only in the re-greening of our gardens and landscapes, but in other spheres of our lives as well.

Gary Wright

Mar 23, 2015

You can visit Gary in his Hockley Valley studio. You’ll see finished pieces as well as works in progress, and you may even see faeries in his garden.

Congratulations Dan Needles

Dec 29, 2014

Congratulations to In The Hills columnist Dan Needles on his richly deserved appointment to the Order of Canada.

You gotta love winter (right?)

Nov 17, 2014

If so, the only solution is to summon the can-do fervour of a good Canadian and … embrace it.

Winston Uytenbogaart

Nov 17, 2014

You can find Winston’s painted Santa-themed carvings at Dragonfly Arts on Broadway, Orangeville.

Headwaters Arts Festival Show & Sale: Autumn’s Canvas

Sep 11, 2014

Headwaters Arts Festival Show & Sale ~ A preview of this year’s show September 19 to Thanksgiving.

You go, Gen Y!

Sep 11, 2014

I have always felt both sad and a little guilty that, in the dust of the baby boomers, the Gen Xers never really had the opportunity to grab the world by the tail.

Diana Hillman

Sep 11, 2014

Diana’s work can be seen this fall at the annual open studio at Silver Creek Farm in Caledon, as well at the Headwaters Arts Festival Show & Sale.