Day 13 – DONE

Record Breaking Finish!

October 7, 2012 | | The End to End Challenge

Welcoming committee at the southern terminus of the Bruce Trail, located at the stone cairn in Queenston Heights Park.

Sunday October 7th –  DONE – Broken Record!!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In this case it is 885 km, run by a single man, along the Bruce Trail in pursuit of raising funds for new and upgraded hospital equipment for Pediatric care at Headwaters Health Care Centre.

The ultimate target of raising $25,000 is what motivates Cody and his dedicated team. Become part of this inspiring journey to help purchase state-of-the-art equipment to care for the very youngest of patients at Headwaters Health Care Centre.

Fundraising status as of October 8, 2012

Fundraising target:$25000.00
Amount raised so far:$15439.05

Donate online to support Headwaters Health Care and Cody’s Run at


Good very early morning on Day 13, the final countdown is on. Excitement stirs amongst the End to End crew. Cody is making good time and by the time I see him next he will have about 40km to go, and the word on the trail is he doesn’t want to stop. Although don’t panic, you can still make it to Niagara to see him finish. Operation “Get ‘er Done” is certainly being executed to the fullest, but even he has to eat and sleep. Cody is currently running with 3 others and the support team is camped out on the side of the road prepping for his next check in.

Last Check Point on the End to End Challenge

I cannot fathom that we are so close to the end. At times it seems like yesterday I sat down in Tobermory and pulled out page 48 of the Bruce Trail map. At the moment we were somewhat naïve in regards to what this challenge required. Whatever it is we certainly found it. As I sit here and write this to you, I am glancing over at page 4. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into carrying out this achievement (all in a literal sense of course). Moments of determination and self-will conquered fleeting feelings of defeat. At the toughest of times laughter shone through. 13 days of pushing to the limits and beyond what one thought was capable. Nevertheless we have come to see that you cannot place value on the completion of the End to End Challenge. What it will mean to Cody as he approaches the stone marker this morning and has meant to so many others is nothing short of inspiring.

Good morning….until later today,

Quote of the Day-
“Careful, don’t give Cody too much praise or we will need a compression hat for his big head”
– Karen Gillies- loving mother

About the Author More by Cody Gillies

Cody Gillies, a 22 year old Orangeville resident is determined to beat the current record for a 550 mile (885 km) Bruce Trail Run & raise substantial funds for his community's hospital. Follow the full End-to-End Challenge Blog or read Tim Schuff's article Cody Gillies: End-to-end.


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  1. RIP IT UP CODY! send it for the last kms. dig in and grab onto what you can, this is your moment bud. Enjoy it while others enjoy what you have done for them! Not only have you raise hope and money for people at headwaters, but you’ve inspired people, alotta people, not just here but all over the world, I’ve had friends in whistler hearing about what your doing! All of us at home here in Mansfield are so proud of ya bud, cant wait to shake ur hand when you return this way, and put a beer in the other hand. You’ve done Mansfield Proud, There’s only one field, but its a MANSFIELD, and you’ve shown the colours behind where you came from to the world. MANSFIELD!

    josh shaw from Mansfield! on Oct 7, 2012 at 1:10 pm | Reply

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