Change Artist: Jayde Lavoie

Alton’s Jayde Lavoie studies at the University of Ottawa, majoring in conflict studies and human rights with a minor in Indigenous studies.

November 20, 2018 | | 25 Under 25

Change Artist: Jayde Lavoie, 20, Alton. Photo by Pete Paterson.

Change Artist: Jayde Lavoie, 20, Alton. Photo by Pete Paterson.

If Jayde Lavoie talks a mile a minute, it’s because she’s a busy woman, between her studies at the University of Ottawa (majoring in conflict studies and human rights with a minor in Indigenous studies), plus campaigning to be vice-president of academic affairs for her department.

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  • Jayde was born with an activist spirit that was nurtured by the theatrical community as a child after she became involved with Theatre Orangeville’s Young Company and Creative Partners on Stage, which works with actors with developmental disabilities. Her passion for art, from spoken word to musical theatre, gradually developed into her preferred medium of change, community service, with the encouragement of Theatre Orangeville director David Nairn.

    Whether as a support worker for a woman with autism, or educating school children in India about public health and clean water systems, Jayde throws herself into improving the world around her. 25 Under 25She also cites Jane Cameron of Creative Partners on Stage as a key mentor who provided guidance in how to use her knowledge of stagecraft to help communicate her political ideals. Jayde’s advice to others keen to create positive change? “Question everything and challenge the status quo. That’s the only way to make the world all it can be.”

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