Why Google and Facebook Love Print

By now it’s well understood that people absorb, remember and respond to print messages at a much higher rate than digital ones.

April 11, 2019 | Advertising Tips

A few times a year, many businesses in the hills receive a direct mail piece from Google. Ironically, the print promotion urges local businesses to sign up for digital advertising.

Last year, taking a page from other corporate magazines, Facebook launched its own print magazine, describing it as “a business marketing program.”

So why are two of the world’s digital giants marketing in print?

By now it’s well understood that people absorb, remember and respond to print messages at a much higher rate than digital ones. And that’s because, as research consistently shows, print involves more emotional processing and engagement, creating much deeper mental connections and recall.

Just as compelling, people trust print more than social media platforms – in fact they trust information in a print magazine more than four times as much, according to research by BrandSpark International. The same study found that ads in magazines are also four times more likely to be considered “a good part of the reading experience” compared to ads on social media.

And favourite magazines, both print and digital, boost attention rates even more. People are relaxed and receptive when they read their favourite magazine, giving it their undivided attention, often at several sittings.

Which is not to say there is no role for digital marketing. These days, before calling or walking in your door, interested customers are more likely to visit your website first – so you need a good one. And digital newsletters and social media are a great way to stay in touch with existing customers. But first you have to get their attention.

Google’s direct mail piece declares, “Right now, people are looking for businesses just like yours.” That’s true – but when people go hunting online, they’ll also find all your competitors, near and far. When people are inspired by your print ad, they are also likely to turn to the web, not for businesses “like yours,” but specifically for your business. And that’s an important leg up for you.

When you advertise with In The Hills your message is delivered to the door of more than 40,000 households in Headwaters, in a package people know and trust.

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