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Bernadette Hardaker

Bernadette Hardaker is an Orangeville freelance writer who specializes in memoir writing.

The Homecoming

Sep 11, 2013

To a 13-year-old Orangeville boy in September 1945, news that the father he hadn’t seen in four years was on his way home from the battlefields of Europe was cause for high excitement.

Friends of their Youth

Sep 11, 2013

The friendship among graduates of the old ‘school on the hill’ has stood the test of time.

Becoming Stephen Leacock

Nov 18, 2012

In Sketching Sunshine, actor and playwright Joe Matheson delves deep into the complex character of Canada’s iconic humorist.

Dinah Christie: Popcorn, Pauline & Skinny Dipping

Sep 13, 2012

The producers were stunned. “I told them I’m buying a farm. I didn’t realize at 28 I was just supposed to be having fun.”

Home Child

Sep 15, 2005

Children were expected to work, often in the cruellest of conditions. Destitute, abandoned or orphaned, many children survived by their wits on the street.