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Arlene Taylor

Artist in the Spotlight is prepared by Arlene Taylor, Community Outreach Coordinator at The Dufferin Arts Council (DAC), which supports and promotes the arts, by providing members with cultural experiences and social activities.

Murray Stephen

Aug 12, 2013

Murray created work in a vast array of styles and media including painting, sculpture, collage, and multi-media.

Ken Hall

Feb 12, 2013

With my work, I seek to harmonize the natural and spiritual world with our modern lifestyles, bringing balance to our souls.

Sharon Wadsworth-Smith

Nov 24, 2012

In my current series called “Painting the Town”, I explore the events in small towns in Ontario and observe the people celebrating many diverse community activities.

Carol Gregg

Jul 4, 2012

In times of quiet contemplation… I have sensed a certain energy that surrounds me.

Bridget Wilson – Artist Under Glass

Feb 28, 2012

Bridget marvels at the ever-changing palettes that can be created with stained glass.