Carol Gregg

In times of quiet contemplation… I have sensed a certain energy that surrounds me.

July 4, 2012 | | Artist in the Spotlight | Blogs

Artist Biography

A sense of history and scenery is natural to Carol owing to her early upbringing in Northern England. Her teens brought fervour to her interest in art and she found a love for oil paint, taking a number of art courses to help accentuate her talents.

Settling into the rolling hills of Mono with her family and intrigued by the beauty of the surrounding Hockley Valley scenery, Carol’s artistic interests were renewed.

Several art courses and workshops, including ones with Harold Klunder and Peter Koslisnyk, have helped Carol find a love of working in oils once again.

Carols work is fluid and vibrant, reflecting awareness of her beautiful surroundings.

Artist Statement

Deep in the woods they stand… watching.

Silent witnesses to it all! The Ancient ones.

My series of oil paintings, I began in 2003 entitled “The Silent Watchers” is a tribute to the life force of the ancient trees that still stand in our forests.

May they assist us in our awakening!

One can sit quietly – as I do – and observe the surroundings.

listening – inhaling. This is my mindset before I even contemplate what it is

I want to capture on canvas, the very mood of the

present moment.

perhaps it is the changing light or lack thereof. Or

perhaps there is a heady aroma, a Corus of birds or just

profound silence.

in times of quiet contemplation… I have sensed a

certain energy that surrounds me.

All these things affect me and thus my


Using palette knife, brush or fingers, with oil paint on canvas, I hope to convey these moments to the viewer.

–          Carol Gregg

Carol Gregg
RR1 Orangeville ON L9W 2Y8
(519) 942-2254

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  1. I happen to have the same name as yours and occasionally have been mistaken for you. I would like to take credit for your painting skill but that wouldn’t last long! I live in Rockwood and would like to visit your gallery sometime when it is open.
    Carol Gregg

    Carol Gregg from Rockwood ON on Feb 16, 2018 at 9:02 am | Reply

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