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Summer 2007

Volume 14 Number 2

Building on Past Foundations

Jun 21, 2007 | Tralee Pearce | Community

Old barn foundations find new life in the rural landscape.

Iron Ladies: An Obsession with antique power

Jun 21, 2007 | Jeff Rollings | Back Issues

For a lot of members, it’s more than just a hobby. There’s a connection to some memory.

The Menu is the Message

Jun 21, 2007 | Tim Shuff | Back Issues

Feast of Fields connects the links in the local food chain in an annual festival of fun and flavour.

Riding High

Jun 21, 2007 | Cecily Ross | Back Issues

International riders get good traction on their home turf.

Romancing the Stones

Jun 21, 2007 | Michele Green | Back Issues

Dowsers, druids, geomancers, mystics and a lot of big old rocks.

When the Spirit Moves

Jun 21, 2007 | Tony Reynolds | Back Issues

Paul Morin’s art and music are inspired by his travels among the world’s aboriginal peoples.

Labyrinths and Mazes

Jun 21, 2007 | Karina Campbell | Back Issues

Places to find or lose yourself in the garden.

Web Masters

Jun 21, 2007 | Don Scallen | Back Issues | Environment

“What would you rather have, spiders sitting in webs where you can see them, or bugs wandering around undetected?” asks Tom Mason.

Rocks of Ages Redefined

Jun 21, 2007 | Signe Ball | Back Issues

If there is one elemental resource we can count on in this region, it is rocks. Our practical forebears cleared them laboriously from the land, by hand and with horse…

Letters – Our readers write: Summer 2007

Jun 21, 2007 | In The Hills | Back Issues

Letters published in the Summer 2007 edition of In The Hills magazine.