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Jann Arden

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

The bold, beautiful and empowering sound of Jann Arden. Descendant, her 15th studio album, signifies a return to form for the multifaceted artist, reflecting on where she came from and where she is headed.

Freedom Cabaret

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

The spirit and legacy of Black music. From the moment Black people landed on North American soil, their music took root and became the basis of much of the popular music we hear today. There is an endless list of exceptional Black musicians who have been lost to history while their white counterparts gained fame.…

Paddington Gets in a Jam

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

In this original slapstick comedy, Paddington goes next door to borrow a cup of sugar from his neighbor Mr. Curry, who is in a panic because he’s expecting a visit from his Great Aunt Matilda. And so, Paddington volunteers to help Mr Curry with his to-do list before her imminent arrival. Throughout the afternoon Paddington…

This Is Brampton: Stand-Up Stitches

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

Where comedians, comedy lovers and entertainment seekers convene to share in nature’s most abundant recreational drug – laughter! Featuring some of the funniest stand-up comics and comedians from all over the globe.

Hyprov: Colin Mochrie and Asad Mecci

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

Hypnosis and Improv — two art forms that have mystified and entertained fans, skeptics and everyone in-between for decades worldwide – come together as two masters of their crafts unite for a totally unique comedy experience, HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis.

This Is Brampton: HYPE

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

HYPE is a talent showcase featuring local artists and dancers alike, with a goal to shed light on deserving artists and bring high energy and excitement back to live shows. Get HYPE about seeing creatives from our city on a live stage.

This Is Brampton: Rising Vibes

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

This hip-hop cabaret features the best in emerging local talent curated by the one and only TCspades (Spades Media).

This Is Brampton: Crate Clash

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

Crate Clash is a DJ battle with origins in Jamaica called “The SoundClash." Local sound crews held community gatherings where people were encouraged to express themselves through dance and fashion, and DJs would battle for the crowd's attention. SoundClash spread throughout the world and even has roots in hip-hop.

Classic Albums Live: U2, Joshua Tree

Rose Theatre 1 Theatre Ln, Brampton

Classic Albums Live and its roster of A-list musicians from across the country will be performing U2’s The Joshua Tree exactly as you remember hearing it, note for note, cut for cut. Released in March 1987, The Joshua Tree is the fifth studio album by Irish rock band U2. The band aimed for a harder-hitting…

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