Shawn Murenbeeld


Artist in Residence, Back Issues, Departments, Summer 2015

June 16, 2015

In his spare time, artist Shawn Murenbeeld hunts for artifacts of contemporary life – remaking them into whimsical sculptures (the one at left is titled, “R U Receiving?”)

R U Receiving, 13" long

Inside Orangeville artist Shawn Murenbeeld beats the heart of an archaeologist. By day he uses the latest technology as creative director/graphic designer at Touchwood Design, but in his spare time he hunts for artifacts of contemporary life – remaking them into whimsical sculptures. A chrome piece such as Burning Joe Coffee Percolator embodies all the space-age gleam and 1960s optimism of its original design. Post makeover, it appears primed to drive off even farther into the future. Shawn’s rusty, down-at-the-heels robots offer a different sense of optimism. Made of old wooden factory forms, the charming characters look like battle-worn veterans of the modern era. See Shawn’s work this September at the Silver Creek Arts Project show in Caledon.


Signe Ball is publisher/editor of In The Hills.

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