• Ash is abundant in our towns and villages. It hugs roadsides and is a common tree in most Headwaters woodlands. Photo by Don Scallen.

    The Beautiful and Damned – Dying Trees

    Ash is doomed. Beech and butternut hover on the brink.

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  • When you look across Doug Cox’s farm from the corner of Mono Centre Road and 5th Line, all you see are gently rolling green fields, not the two gullies hiding in the back corner of the property. Photo by Pete Paterson.

    How ‘Clean Fill’ Became a Dirty Word

    With a proposal to flatten his farm fields, a Mono farmer stepped squarely into the centre an environmental hornets’ nest.

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  • Gail Prussky and Satchmo in her Mono studio. Photo by Rosemary Hasner / Black Dog Creative Arts.

    Gail Prussky How not to be a Serial Killer

    The unhinged imagination of Gail Prussky

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  • Fit for Life

    Fit for Life

    By Gail Grant

    Exercise makes me happy. It energizes me and forges strong links with like-minded people to share challenges, laughter, experiences, wisdom, and even the odd great recipe.