• Dave, Jason and Kelly Lyons and the goats at Escarpment’s Edge Dairy. “A goat has ten times the personality of a cow,” says Jason. Photo by Pete Paterson.

    The Next Generation

    Farm kids are returning to their roots.

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  • Riders who pounded across the Will O’Wind course at the observation event this summer: Selena O’Hanlon on Bloomsday. Photo by Ellen Cameron.

    Cross Country at a Gallop

    For one day next summer, the eyes of the Americas will be on Mono’s Will O’Wind Farm, site of the cross-country phase of the Pan Am Games three-day event.

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  • Back row : Jacklyn Hancock (left) and Julia Poletto. Front row, from left : Nicola Meyer, Cameron Courtney, Meagan Cooper, Ricky Schaede, Emily Haws.

    Club Art

    The words “High on Art” dominate this happy mayhem, and so they should.

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  • Members of the EQ Collective jump for joy! Photo by Rosemary Hasner / Black Dog Creative Arts.

    Dancing for Joy

    Former dancers rediscover the passion of their youth.

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  • Jean François Thibault and Jo-Anne St. Godard want their son, Noah, to understand and respect the differences among cultures. Photo by Rosemary Hasner / Black Dog Creative Arts.

    Ces étudiants parlent Français

    Opportunities for local public school students to study in French have increased significantly.

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Artist in Residence

  • Fall Fair, Yellow Truck, oil on canvas, 8 x 16" ~ Diana Hillman

    Diana Hillman

    By Signe Ball

    Diana's work can be seen this fall at the annual open studio at Silver Creek Farm in Caledon, as well at the Headwaters Arts Festival Show & Sale.

At Home in the Hills

Fence Post

Good Sport

  • Scott McLean holds the traces as Thumper and King pour their hearts into the task of pulling a “boat” loaded with up to 10,000 pounds of concrete slabs at recent agricultural fair competitions. Scott and his team participate in as many as 30 competitions over the course of the summer and fall. Photo by Lisa Binns.

    Heavy Horses

    By Nicola Ross

    Heart and muscle at the fall fair. Heavy horse pulls are crowd pleasers at Ontario’s fall fairs.

Historic Hills

  • By 1915 the demand for telephones in urban centres had mostly been met, so the Bell Telephone Company turned its attention to the countryside.

    The Bob Edgar Telephone Company

    By Ken Weber

    Beginning in the late 1920s, though, a series of government regulations along with profit-driven business decisions gradually changed telephone service across the country into a fluid network.

Must Do