• Liz and George Knowles have lived and gardened in Mono since 1976. Photo by Rosemary Hasner / Black Dog Creative Arts.

    A Botany of Desire

    Gardener Liz Knowles’ passion for rare yet rugged alpine flora has transformed her Mono gardens into more than an aesthetic triumph. They’re an aide memoire of her life and travels 40 years on.

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  • Drum-maker Jamie Andrews invites customers to try out various drums at his workshop because it’s important the character of the drum suits the drummer. Photo by Rosemary Hasner / Black Dog Creative Arts.

    Hit Your Rhythm with Drumming

    How to join a drumming circle and reap the benefits of drumming, which include decreasing stress and anxiety.

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  • Deborah Wilson and her husband Bruce replaced the grass in their front yard with a ground cover of colourful, maintenance-free species geraniums, while a more diverse perennial garden flourishes in their backyard. Photo by Don Scallen.

    8 Ways to Kick Your Grass Habit

    Inspiring tales from those who broke free from the rule of lawn.

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  • Joie de vivre: National dance competitors and Caledon Dance Center instructors David Valenzuela and Corina Pirvuica. Photos © Ray Vella.

    Ballroom Dancing Spins Through Caledon

    A beginner’s ode to getting into the ballroom dancing groove.

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Artist in Residence

At Home in the Hills

Cooking with...

Fence Posts

  • Real change happens when a group of like-minded people get together on a Saturday morning to pull old tires and bedsprings out of a river. Illustration by Shelagh Armstrong.

    Grounding Exercises

    By Dan Needles

    I discovered at an early age that people who work outside with their hands tend to be more grounded than the rest of the population.

Good Sport

Headwaters Nest

  • Hygge is the now very cool idea, or movement, of cozying down, at home, with family and friends. Illustration by Shelagh Armstrong.

    The Hygge Cure

    By Bethany Lee

    How I imported the Danish love of hygge – doubling down inside with hot drinks, slow­ cooked food, knitted blankets and other cozy touches – into my life this winter.