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March 16, 2024 | | Letters, Our Readers Write

Missing local newspapers

Like Dan Needles, I too miss the local news (We Need to Stay in Touch, winter ’23). I once had business that took me halfway around the world repeatedly, but no longer. “Retired” on my isolated farm, my world grows smaller, and I want news closer to home. By-laws are more important than e-laws.

As one person in 40 million, there is little I can do as my influence is minute. I’m more interested in local political decisions because they occur faster and affect me directly. My opinion is about 100,000 times more significant in a smaller population, so I need to know what happens about water, store prices and the weather today.

There is only one printed newspaper now, and I visit town about twice a month for a paper that is no longer delivered. Hog and corn prices that were once radioed daily are no longer mentioned. City crimes may be important to GTA readers, but they are not important to me.

— Charles Hooker, East Garafraxa

A life in retrospect

Regarding your “In Retrospect pages in the recent winter issue: My paternal grandmother was a life member of the Mono Road Women’s Institute (Caledon), serving for years as their secretary. I have her pin and know what the friendship found in those gatherings of rural women meant to her as a WWI war bride. The reflection on the William Perkins Bull convalescent hospital in London brought back fond memories of researching and curating an exhibition on that hospital at the Peel Archives many years ago, and sharing story ideas with [In The Hills’ “Historic Hills” columnist] Ken Weber. Then there was the photo in “The Day the Arrow Died” featuring my dad and his two brothers. Wow! Not often one sees so much of one’s life and connections reflected in a magazine spread. I am so proud to have made some small contributions to In The Hills over the years. It is eagerly awaited and kept for years. Best of luck for the next 30 years!

— Diane Allengame, retired archivist, Peel Archives, Mulmur


Re: Editor’s Desk “The Case for Kindness” [winter ’23]: The beginning and the ending lines of the quoted Women’s Institute poem were enough to bring tears to my eyes and a shiver to my body. Pettiness replacing kindness indeed – what has happened to “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Thank you for reminding us all that we can be kind. Every single day.

— Sheilagh Crandall, Caledon

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