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If frogs can open the eyes of children to the wonders of nature, they can also touch our souls.

March 24, 2012 | | Web Extras

FrogWatch Ontario

Frogs and toads also have a special role to play in keeping the environment healthy. Perhaps because they live “on the edge” between water and land, and have semi-permeable skin, frogs and toads are very sensitive to pollution and other environmental changes.

Worldwide, many species are declining in numbers or have recently become extinct. Monitoring frog and toad populations is one way to check the health of wetland areas. Frogs and toads can be used as indicator species, because they are vulnerable to changes in the atmosphere, the land, or the water.

To learn more about frogs, listen to their voices, or sign up to participate in the frog monitoring program at FrogWatch Ontario check out the following links:


Frogwatch Ontario can be accessed through this link:

Listen to Frogs

Listen to the voices of our frogs at:
(Click on the frog pictures and scroll down to the call file.)

Science teacher and naturalist Don Scallen will make a presentation on the Frogs of Headwaters on Saturday, July 21, as part of the Beauty in the Beast exhibition at Dufferin County Museum & Archives. He will give a second presentation on Caterpillars, Moths and Butterflies, including live specimens, on Saturday, August 18. Both presentations are at 2 p.m.
You can read Don’s regular blog: Notes from the Wild

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