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Autumn – Winter 2012

Aug 19, 2012

Have a read of the full version in PDF. A wilderness lunch, culinary education, country pubs and vegetarian wisdom.

Hobo Wally

Aug 9, 2012

“King Of The Hole” by Hobo Wally (a quarry song) “Walk with me, Stop the Quarry” by Hobo Wally -Melancthon Quarry

Spring – Summer 2012

May 15, 2012

Have a read of the full version in PDF. Farmgate Dairies, A cook’s tour of Bolton, Alton Mill wedding, The Heirloom Tomato Club

Frog Listen and Watch

Mar 24, 2012

If frogs can open the eyes of children to the wonders of nature, they can also touch our souls.

How to use a roundabout

Mar 24, 2012

Just drive slowly, proceed with caution, and the roundabout will help you get through it.

Ontario’s Farm to School/Food Education Network

Feb 29, 2012

If you believe in the fact that “we are what we eat” (especially when we’re young), please check out the following survey.

Agriculture Innovation Is Key to Reducing Poverty, Stabilizing Climate

Jan 25, 2012

An incisive account of the global food crisis—and how it can be solved.

Love to Read Books

Jan 15, 2012

Dream of your spring garden, solve a legal case, pursue your spiritual life, renovate your diet, or just bury yourself in a rollicking good tale.

Mega Quarry

Jan 14, 2012

Protect Ontario’s land and drinking water, stop the Melancthon mega quarry. View Adrienne Arsenault’s report from CBC’s The National.

Gifts of Canadian Nature

Nov 8, 2011

Consider giving a holiday gift as vast and beautiful as our Canadian wilderness – beautifully packaged and small enough to fit under a tree!

Wondering where your copy of Summer In The Hills is?

Jun 27, 2011

You can view the current articles online, we’d love to have your thoughts, comments and questions on any of our stories.

The Year in Music: 2010

Nov 21, 2010

Lisa Watson’s annual review of local music.

Home After Supper

Sep 13, 2010

Evening meetings are just one of the demands that come with the job for local councillors, and there are plenty of others, but for most who take the plunge into public service, there are also rewards. Four former councillors reflect on the highs and lows of life in the council chambers – and after.


Nov 15, 2009

Our local heroes define community at its best. Here’s how you can help. Heather Broadbent Captive on the Carousel of Time To find our more about heritage conservation, visit: Ontario…


Nov 15, 2009

Web Extra: Listen to sample tracks by musicians profiled in Lisa Watson’s review of the year in music.

Rural Mail

Sep 9, 2009

Canada Post has insisted many rural mailboxes be moved to new, often awkward locations. Tell us your story.

Cougar Sightings

Sep 9, 2009

There have been cougar sightings in the area. Have you seen any? Tell us your stories.