Web Extra: Listen to sample tracks by musicians profiled in Lisa Watson’s review of the year in music.

November 15, 2009 | | Web Extras

Audio tracks by musicians profiled in “A Year in Music.”

For the first time this year, we’re pleased to be able to offer sound with our reviews.
Click on the samples below or visit the musicians’ websites.

Lily Frost, Cine-Magique
Recorded & produced by José Contreras, Aporia Records, Toronto 2006

Lily Frost

Sample tracks: Visit

James DesRoches, Into the Wind
Recorded at Valleyview Studios, Ancaster 2008


Sample track:
James DesRoches – If You Came to Me


Devin & The Dark Light, Loud to Live With
Recorded at Batty Steer Studios, Mono and Orange Studios, Collingwood 2009


Sample track:
Devin and the Dark Light – Margarita Green

Sass Jordan, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn
Recorded at Backroom Studio, Toronto 2009


Sample tracks:

Recorded in-home and at Singing Water Ministries, Hockley Valley 2009


Sample track:
Sideways – Jumanah Samba

Justin Castator, The Glow
Recorded in-house 2009


Sample track:
Justin Castator – Pendulum

Sab, Flyin’ High and Livin’ Free
Recorded at Metalworks 2009


Sample track:
Sab – Northern Boys 2

Ryan Barwick & The Small Town Band
Recorded at Erinwood Studios, Erin 2008


Sample tracks:

Yogalaya, The Space to Be
Guided Relaxation with Natasha Boldireff
Recorded in Orangeville 2009


Go to Yogalaya or where it is being sold globally, or pick up a copy at BookLore or Harmony Whole Foods. Namaste, baby.

TJ Whitelaw, Electric Echoes
Recorded at Vivace and vWave Studios, Toronto 2009


Sample track:
TJ Whitelaw – Dream Suite

Bruce Laing, A Dream
Recorded in Aberfoyle 2009


Sample track:
Bruce Laing – Edge Of The Bed

The Muir Family
Recorded at Bruce Ley’s Studio, Mulmur 2009


Sample track:
The Muir Family – Ring of Fire

Julian Petti, The Echo Bay Sessions
Recorded in Algonquin Park 2009


Sample track:
Julian Petti – All My Praying

(norman) Shanks, Welcome to the Camp of the Dark Meat Fantasy
Recorded at The Meat Freezer, Mono 2009


Sample track:
(norman) SHANKS – Ass-End of Town

The Johnny Lane Band
Recorded at Orchard Studios 2007


Sample track:
Johnny Lane Band – Moola

Lisa Watson, Watsongs and Other Gems
Recorded by Nik Cherry, Audio Assistance and Manufacturing: Ted Gerber/Zip the Dog

Sample track:
Lisa Watson – I’m Easily Swayed

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