Day 7

Cody is very, very sore. No hugs allowed, sorry guys (besides he is normally drenched with sweat it looks like he has been swimming, its really for your own good)

October 1, 2012 | | The End to End Challenge

Good afternoon everyone, Day 7 started out on the trail at 6:15am. Cody & Kyle had a very strong start and Cody has kept it up regardless of his constant pain. Cody is going through a technical part of the trail, therefore I was expecting him at least 30 min later then he has been arriving.

Ouch – there may be a few tender body parts

Cody is experiencing huge elevation changes today as he works past the highest elevation of the Bruce Trail. He is currently beyond the halfway point having covered 512km by the end of today and going strong.

Thank you to Peter & Anna for allowing us the use of your condo while Cody made his way through the Collingwood area.

A nice reprieve will come this evening as Cody makes his way into his hometown. He will be able to stay the night in his own bed in a familiar place. However as always the prospect of the ice bath is looming

I have had many request’s in regards to posting Cody’s times and locations. Some of you have even been able to find us on the trail, good job explorers! You will all get your wishes granted as I will be posting the locations and times for tomorrows run later this evening.

The next few pieces of information are crucial,
as support crew it is my job to relay this to you.

1. Cody is extremely pleased to hear how many of your wish to meet up and cheer him on. Your words and support really keep him moving south
2. to keep up his pace and keep his muscles moving Cody only spends 15 minuets at each check point (typically this is 10…but he really wants to see you all)
3. No question is a stupid question. However Kyle & I will be curious to see how many creative ways Cody can answer “how are ya feeling?”. We have gotten a few spectacular replies out of him thus far.
4. During his check points he must complete a lot in a small amount of time (if you watch NASCAR you will understand)
5. Depending on what time of day you meet with us may not be meeting with Cody…but instead with a quieter version we like to call “Zombie Cody”
6. Lastly and yet most important, Cody is very, very sore. No hugs allowed, sorry guys (besides he is normally drenched with sweat it looks like he has been swimming, its really for your own good)

Please don’t let this discourage you from coming out and supporting him, it’s just the nature of the game. Having all of the positive company is huge fuel and a force like no other.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon, and good job with the donations!!!

Quote of the Day- RATED PG13
(while Cody applies Bag Balm to sensitive areas)
“There is nothing like watching my brother butter up his nuts”
-Kyle Gillies…6am

Donate online to support Headwaters Health Care and Cody’s Run at

Fundraising Progress

Fundraising target:    $25000.00
Amount raised so far: $9485.00

About the Author More by Cody Gillies

Cody Gillies, a 22 year old Orangeville resident is determined to beat the current record for a 550 mile (885 km) Bruce Trail Run & raise substantial funds for his community's hospital. Follow the full End-to-End Challenge Blog or read Tim Schuff's article Cody Gillies: End-to-end.

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