The Journey

I made a promise to my friends and community. If they believe in me and donate to Headwaters Health Care Foundation I will run the trail end to end.

October 11, 2012 | | The End to End Challenge

What a journey!

So to answer a few quick questions that people have been asking me. The new record is 12days 7hrs 39min. Yes I do expect it to be broken at some point. Many other ultra runners have way more experience and talent than I possess, so I expect the record to be broken. No I will not be disappointed if the record is broken, nor will I attempt the trail end to end again. I would love to get out and run with anyone attempting the trail as well as be at the finish to be the first to shake anyones hand that completes the trail.

The new record is 12days 7hrs 39min.
Donate online to support Headwaters Health Care and Cody’s Run at

The big question I have been asked is how did I do it? How did I push through the pain day after day? During the run I could not have told you, but I think I have it figured out.

If my goal was to simply beat the record in order to hold it, for personal reasons or pride, I wouldn’t have made it past day 4. I made a promise to my friends and community. If they believe in me and donate to Headwaters Health Care Foundation I will run the trail end to end. So when I received my first donation I knew I had to finish. The community more than held up their end of the deal, therefore all that was left was for me to honor my commitment.

So when the pain hit me day after day, kept me up at night, consumed all of my thoughts, I couldn’t quit because all those who supported me did not quit on me. So one foot in front of the other, grinding on until the end was the only option.

So this is why I say thank you to everyone and anyone who donated, promoted the cause, came out to support in person, ran with me, housed myself and support crew or simply had us in their thoughts. It is you who gave me the strength to go on, it is you who inspired me, it is you who I will be forever in debt to for making a dream come true.

An appreciation dinner is being planned for sometime in November for anyone involved in any way, or anyone who simply wishes to come. So stay tuned to the page for details. Donations are also open until November 9th so let’s keep them rolling in. Its a very worthy cause and can use every penny donated.
Forever thankful,
Cody Gillies

Congratulations Cody

…from the communities In The Hills for making your dream come true, for setting a record on traversing the Bruce Trail end to end and for raising over $30,000.00 for Headwaters Health Care Foundation!

Day 13 – Memories!

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Cody Gillies, a 22 year old Orangeville resident is determined to beat the current record for a 550 mile (885 km) Bruce Trail Run & raise substantial funds for his community's hospital. Follow the full End-to-End Challenge Blog or read Tim Schuff's article Cody Gillies: End-to-end.

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