Great Ad Design

The most eye-catching ads are visually balanced with a dominant focal point.

There’s more to advertising than buying space. So once you’ve made that investment, secure it with an ad that grabs attention.

Here are some basic tips on how to do that:

  • Make sure your ad is visually coherent
    The most eye-catching ads are visually balanced with a dominant focal point. Make sure your graphics – photos and logo – are the highest resolution for crisp print reproduction.
  • Include specific, concrete information
    Keep your text brisk and direct. It doesn’t necessarily have to be short (people will read if they are interested in the product), but it should have a strong headline to pull readers in, and secondary text should be in an easily readable font style and size.
  • Be consistent over time
    Don’t be afraid to repeat an ad. People generally need to see a message at least three times before they register it. If you do change your photo or message, make sure the overall effect is visually consistent through various versions. It’s the way you build brand recognition.
  • Avoid jumble
    Cramming too much into a single ad (too many images, font styles, sizes and colours, and words) can turn off busy readers. If you successfully grab their attention, they’ll go to your website for details.

In short, keep your message strong, simple and direct, both visually and verbally.

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