The “Magazine Moment”

Magazines are absorbed in an order and at a pace which suits the individual.

“The day In The Hills arrives in the mailbox is the day the chores go undone.”

That recent comment from a reader sums up why favourite magazines like In The Hills remain so effective for our advertisers.

In a world of digital overload, magazines offer an island of tranquility and control – a personal timeout. One study calls this the “Magazine Moment”:

“The reading experience is enjoyed both for its relaxing nature and for its active input – dipping in, conscious scanning of each page, re-reading … Magazines are absorbed in an order and at a pace which suits the individual.”

So maybe it’s not surprising that, even as the digital universe expands exponentially, a recent comprehensive PMB study revealed that 77% of Canadians (12 years +) read a magazine in the previous three months.*

What’s more:

  • Time spent reading increased to 49 minutes per issue (from 42 minutes in 2010).
  • Each copy is read by an average of 5 people.
  • Younger readers (12 – 34) read print magazines at the same level as the general population (77%).

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*Nadbank and PMB, 2015.

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