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Get your message noticed by super influencers here in Headwaters.

There’s a kind of consumer that market researchers call “super influencers” – those people with exceptional experience in a particular area, whose advice and recommendations on related products and services are trusted by friends and family.

When super influencers in the categories of home improvement were asked what media they most relied on, magazines came out significantly ahead in every one.


*Includes internet magazine activity
Index: Percentage of super influential among top quintile of users of each medium vs. percentage of super influential among adults 18+. Source: GfK,MRI, Spring 2015; MPA Factbook 2016

To get your message noticed by super influencers here in Headwaters, there’s no better way than In The Hills, the region’s best read, best loved magazine.

As longtime advertiser Erica Edelbrock of Orangeville Furniture puts it:

“The whole aesthetic of In The Hills works to support our message and we’ve found it to be the most effective way to reach our market. With so many high quality advertisers we feel we’re in good company.”

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