Spring Cleansing

This year, inspired by a surge in top-notch natural products made right here in the hills, we suggest spring cleaning our beauty routines first.

March 21, 2016 | | Made in the Hills

As winter melts to green, we shrug off the bitter cold, and thoughts turn to clearing out cobwebs and freshening up for spring. This year, inspired by a surge in top-notch natural products made right here in the hills, we suggest spring cleaning our beauty routines first.

The products on these pages pride themselves on being free of bad stuff like parabens, sulphates and phthalates, relying on natural essential oils and botanicals – but they’re anything but austere.

Drake Apothecary owner Michelle Marino, who blends a wide range of rich, nourishing products out of her cozy Bolton shop, says taking time for a long bath or using a decadent body lotion is good for the soul. “Being kind to yourself should not be considered a luxury.” Photos by Pete Paterson.


Oil’s well

A big beauty trend is facial and body oils. This grapefruit version can help wake you up and the lavender oil can replace your night cream to help you drift off. (Facial oils $12 each; body oil $25, Bridlewood Soaps)


On her soap box

Bridlewood Soaps mastermind Jennifer Kleinpaste started her line three years ago when she was pregnant and looking for gentle products that weren’t packed with unnecessary chemicals. Now the Orangeville beauty maven sells her line of soaps, oils and body products at local farmers’ markets and online. This gift box features 12 of her edible-smelling soaps, including lemon poppy, orange patchouli, avocado charcoal and orange turmeric. ($79.99, Bridlewood Soaps)


Laundry love

These dryer sachets infuse your laundry with summer lavender. Store them in a stunning celadon porcelain dish by Mono Mills potter Debra Gibbs. (Sachets $12 each; two for $20, Uniquely Pure and Route 145. Fine porcelain dish – actually a dog bowl – $40, Fine Porcelain by Debra Gibbs)


Takeaway beauty

Tuck a little relief into your pocket or purse with Sweet Orange lip balm ($3, Bridlewood), Luv-ly Lips and Luv-ly Cocoa balms ($6, Uniquely Pure and Route 145), a small tin of Ur Soft As Cream ($6 for 15 ml, Uniquely Pure and Route 145), and a mini jar of KayDee’s Butter Blend. Like Debie Kendall’s other beeswax-based products, this salve is thick and rich, perfect for cuticles, cuts and more. ($5, KayDee Apiarees)


Dishy soap

At Drake Apothecary you’ll find owner Michelle Marino working away, reaching for tinctures of oils and canisters of dried herbs from her shelves. Soap ingredients include (left to right) pink grapefruit, lemongrass and sweet birch. Her uncle makes the wooden soap dishes. (Soaps $6.50 each; dishes $5, Drake Apothecary)


For the bath

Go for a good soak with these fragrant bath salts and bombs, all using therapeutic Epsom salts. Choose from lavender rose ($12.99 for about 340 g, Drake Apothecary), orange vanilla or lemon ($12 each for 500 g, Bridlewood Soaps). Or try these coconut oil, ravensara and lavender bath bombs ($19 for a bag of six, Uniquely Pure and Route 145). Dole them out in pretty porcelain dipping bowls. ($14 each, Fine Porcelain by Debra Gibbs)

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  • made_1426_BabyBalm

    Baby balms

    Grand Valley’s Amy Steele developed this baby balm because she couldn’t find a diaper cream without petroleum or other chemicals she was trying to avoid. Coming soon: face and lip balms, lotion bars and calming sprays. (Baby balm $10, Steele Naturals)


    Locks with lustre

    Drake Apothecary Elixir No. 8 Shampoo and Conditioner feature sweet orange and clary sage, among other gutsy ingredients. Uniquely Pure’s Dreamy Hair Treatment is designed to repair and boost dry, damaged hair with coconut and argan oils and chamomile. (Shampoo and conditioner $22.99 each for 12 oz, Drake Apothecary. Hair treatment $23 for 120 ml, Uniquely Pure and Route 145)


    RX treatments

    Uniquely Pure’s Kelly Mayville is a triple threat. She teaches yoga, offers massage and other treatments, and creates a hardworking line of products. Her Black Pepper Oil warms sore muscles. Meno Pozz Mist cools with clary sage. And Arthritis Oil relies on clove and ginger to reduce inflammation. (Body oils $23 for 150 ml; mists $19 for 100 ml, Uniquely Pure)


    Body lotions

    Smooth out life’s wrinkles with one of a huge array of local lotions. Drake Apothecary’s Coconut Sun Lotion Potion, Lavender and Calendula Lotion Potion and Southern Charm Aloe Body Butter are customer favourites. Michelle offers scent-free, too. (Lotions $18.99 for 16 oz; butter $17.99 for 8 oz). Bridlewood Soaps’ Orange and Patchouli Lotion Bar is meant to melt in your hands. ($12 for 4 oz)


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