Words to Celebrate Canada

An impromptu 150-word celebratory narrative along with a mosaic of snapshots that says “Canada”!

June 21, 2017 | | Community

We asked 50 local folks to take a selfie and add three words to a sentence about why they care about Canada. Writer Anthony Jenkins crisscrossed the hills to do the job. He asked each person to add their words to those spoken before them, providing a link to those that followed. The result is an impromptu 150-word celebratory narrative along with a mosaic of snapshots that says “Canada” – who we are and how we feel about our nation on the sesquicentennial of Confederation.

“Canada’s number one! Our cultural vastness … sea to sea … coast to coast … our freedom will

inspire us all.  Celebration of 150th … is a wonderful … time to party!  Multiculturalism is key.

Canada is welcoming … its beautiful landscapes … mountains and lakes … serious outdoor fun … free for everyone.

Great place to … live with family … and explore nature … walking, motorcycling, barbecuing. The best country

to meet people … from Masonville area … from Horning’s Mills … and calm Reddickville. Happy birthday, Canada!

I feel privileged … to live here … live free forever … in environmental harmony … with warm inclusiveness.

No place better … than our home … because it’s free … for Buddhist belief … love of nature

for riding motorcycles … for horseback riding … for having fun … because it’s heaven!  We are Canadians;

our favourite place … because we are … a great community … for making friends … and being diverse

which provides well-being … for our celebration … of the joy … in our hearts.  Happy damn birthday!”

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