“Each of you are real-time rockers”

An Orangeville artist pays tribute to frontline workers – in verse.

October 3, 2020 | | Pandemic Journals

Ever since finding my voice as an author I have responded to events and moments in time using the poetic form. As the pandemic evolved, I have kept my daily journals as normal, but when deeper thoughts arise, I turn to the poem as my communication device. We also have some frontline workers and professionals near us, plus a friend in a police service, who took the time to call and remind us of the need to stay home and as seniors to use the remote services available to us. This experience led to the creation of  “Front Line Rockers”.

Front Line Rockers

I still find a moment, a wisp of time,
mid the daily list of Virus stats, to think of other things.
You folks on the front lines are on my mind.
Each of you are real-time rockers,
in my daily life and thoughts!
Not sure I can do justice with my words as
I look to find what I need to say.
Not sure I have the words that match
the strength of your will to get it done.

I know I speak for all, that we respect
the efforts of our front line folks.
Our leaders too require our tribute as they struggle
to do what is needed, what is right.
To accommodate what we expect.
So when all is well and done, the score tallied,
your time to rest now assured, you will know you are
our heroes every one.
You are real time rockers, in our daily
life, our thoughts, at the coming of first light.

Now at the end of this, my tribute,
I ask of those who were served
by the dedication of these heroes: Never
forget the desperate times.
As what now comes to mind when
times are good: There will be the looking for
places and those to blame.

So, be fair at your judgment time!
Remember the front line, by bent of will
and abnormal strength, always worked
as if you were family.
They had to love you – a hundred times a day.

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