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We’re lucky to live in a farm region that cares so much about food and that is embracing new opportunities in food education and ecoliteracy.

June 24, 2022 | | Farming

Two years into the pandemic, with the effects of climate change growing more dire, food prices increasing and supply chain woes for all, it’s reassur­ing to live in a farm region that cares so much about food. While we may face new challenges in comparison with the relative calm of the past 50 years, we also embrace new opportunities.

Our local farms seized the moment and adjusted to ensure healthy local food continued to find its way onto our plates. Our grocery stores and restaurants have a renewed focus on local. With the addition of food literacy (local and Indigenous food systems) to the Ontario elementary school curriculum beginning in September this year, there is greater focus on food education and farm-to-school programs. Locally, Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance has a Big Fresh Goal to have all schools in Headwaters participating by 2025 in food and farming activities such as a school garden, a cooking program, farm visits or local food purchases. This is mirrored by provincial and national groups working on even bigger goals for food and education.

Meanwhile, back at the Albion Hills Community Farm where I spend most days, everything has come alive after a cold and windy winter. The allotment gardeners are back in full force on all 60 plots, the greenhouse has seedlings growing, market garden planting will continue until November and the farm stand is open throughout the season. This year, we are ramping up our ecoliteracy programs geared to farming in nature, regenerative agriculture and agro-ecology. It’s exciting to share how farming and nature can go hand in hand, through programs such as soil building, composting, pollinators, bees, monarchs, incorporating native plantings, and the joy of chickens. We are looking forward to hosting events again, especially our annual fall Honey Garlic Festival. Now, if only our majestic deer and pesky groundhogs would stop wanting to eat whatever we grow.

Enjoy the abundance of Headwaters every day.


We hope this year’s Headwaters Farm Fresh guide will inspire you to get to know your local farmers, put fabulously fresh food on your table and, as a bonus, explore the beautiful countryside in our own backyard.

The easy-to-use maps and listings are designed to help you find the very best vegetables, fruit, meats and craft beverages that farms in Caledon, Dufferin and Erin have to offer — whether it’s direct from their farms, through a CSA, or at a weekly farmers’ market or independent retailer.

Support local farmers.
Enjoy local food.

Headwaters Farm Fresh is a joint project of Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance and In The Hills. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following:

Headwaters Communities in Action | Central Counties Tourism | Town of Caledon | Dufferin County | Town of Mono | Township of Amaranth | Town of Grand Valley | Shelburne | Orangeville | Township of Mulmur

About the Author More by Karen Hutchinson

Karen Hutchinson is a fourth-generation Headwaters farmer and passionate local foodie currently working with Albion Hills Community Farm. She has been part of Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance since it began.

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