Local Buys: Autumn 2022

Floral art, kitchen picks and metal art

September 20, 2022 | | Made in the Hills

Jillian Clarke Sunflowers

The secret garden

When she’s not using her artistic eye in her advertising day job, Orangeville’s Jillian Clarke is either snowboarding or painting. Her floral sketches are particularly striking when the canvas is a piece of wood, varnished after the final paint stroke. The colours of a vibrant sunflower complement golden leaves of fall, while pink peony petals hint at spring to come.

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  • “Although I don’t exclusively paint gardens, I always find my way back to flowers. Growing up, my family had these beautiful gardens around our home, so I find almost a sense of calm within the process, a moment of nostalgia when it comes to certain flowers,” says Jillian. (Paintings, $250 to $550 depending on size, Jillian Clarke Art)

    Fourtknots, Hockley Valley

    Farmhouse finds

    Andrea Linton’s handmade luxury knits are just the thing for curling up in this fall. Her label Fourtknots grew out of a love of natural textiles and crochet, and quickly encompassed both sewing and knitting projects. She now creates baskets, trivets, coasters and blankets. “My children and grandchildren are my inspiration. I enjoy knowing that whether they are near or far, my loved ones are wrapped in a cozy crocheted blanket I have handcrafted specifically for them,” says Andrea, who lives in Hockley valley. Don’t miss her 100 per cent linen aprons in a variety of colours, perfect for when you’re puttering in the garden or making scones on a Sunday afternoon. (Crocheted blankets, $300 to $450. Linen aprons, $45 to $60, Fourtknots)

    Courtney Chard, Ballinafad

    Welding party

    After completing her certification in steam fitting and welding, Ballinafad pipe welder Courtney Chard started creating small sculptures of intricate owls, delicate dancers and turtles that seem to beckon from the ocean. “I have an appreciation for different styles and my art reflects that; I’m very diverse in what I can build. I consider myself a conduit for the people who come to me wanting a sculpture. They tell me what they are looking for and I channel that into my work,” says Courtney. “Some of the pieces I have created for people hold great symbolism and meaning. I’m extremely happy that I can bring feeling into a material that is so hard and cold. I want the metal to have movement and life.” (Welded sculptures, $300 to $5,000 and up, Courtney Chard)

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