Lynden Cowan

Lynden Cowan’s highly detailed hyper realistic paintings require “triple-zero brushes by the boxload” to achieve.

November 20, 2022 | | Artist in Residence

The highest compliment you can pay artist Lynden Cowan is to say you feel like you could step into one of her oil paintings of local country scenes, burbling brooks, shadowy frozen ponds and moss-carpeted woods – because that’s when she knows her realism is hitting the mark.

Camouflage 12″ x 12″. Oil on canvas and limited edition giclée prints.

Gully 24″ x 30″. Oil on canvas and limited edition giclée prints.

Over the years, the self-taught painter’s canvases have become increasingly detailed and tightly rendered. Lynden jokes that she goes through “triple-zero brushes by the boxload,” referring to her tiny paintbrush of choice.

Winter Solitude (detail) 24″ x 30″. Oil on canvas and limited edition giclée prints.

Frosted Water 24″ x 30″. Oil on canvas and limited edition giclée prints.

The award-winning, Brampton-based painter uses them to sneak at least one bird, fish, animal or insect into every piece she creates. Visitors to her studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre have been known to stay put and stubbornly insist on finding them all. See more of her work at

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  • Fishing 30″ x 24″. Oil on canvas and limited edition giclée prints.

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