Artist in Residence: Brad MacIver

Mulmur based painter Brad MacIver is known for his wistful landscapes and crisp still lifes that encourage a viewer to luxuriate in the subject matter.

June 16, 2023 | | Artist in Residence

Painter Brad MacIver’s wistful landscapes and crisp still lifes reveal a knack for the kind of formal composition that settles the eye and encourages a viewer to luxuriate in the subject matter. This instinct comes naturally to the Mulmur artist after a career working as an art director for magazines including Fashion and Gardening Life and, most recently, as the creative director of the LCBO.

“September Garden” at left, and “Jungle” (detail) at right

Brad’s work has an Alex Colville-esque hazy, yet precise, take on everything from beloved pets to a patch of summer sunflowers at their peak. He works from photographs he captures with a future painting in mind. “I’ve dealt with pictures all my life. I see everything in a frame,” says the self-taught painter. “It’s habitual – I can’t stop it.” @bradmaciverpaintings

At left, “Orchard”, and at right, “September” (detail)


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