Artist in Residence: CJ Shelton

As a student of mysticism and esoteric philosophy, artist CJ Shelton’s works reflect her love of the archetypal realm.

November 27, 2023 | | Artist in Residence

In this sample of longtime Alton Mill Arts Centre artist CJ Shelton’s oeuvre, peaceful doves mingle with the Greek concepts of linear and divine time, and a red spiral “life force” gives power and balance to a stylized tree. “I work in the archetypal realm,” she confirms.

What the World Needs Now 12″ x 12″ conté pencil on paper

Highflight 16″ diameter acrylic on canvas

A student of mysticism and esoteric philosophy, CJ is drawn to recurring themes, especially the circle. “The circular form from a spiritual perspective is a symbol of wholeness. It’s a perfect shape, common in nature.” And one that doesn’t always have to constrain its subject.

CJ’s newest work, Highflight, inspired by First World War pilot John Gillespie Magee’s sonnet with its famous first line, “Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth,” nearly soars off its canvas.

The Moon Tree 12″ x 12″ conté pencil on paper

Khronos and Kairos 36″ diameter acrylic on canvas

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