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Julie Suzanne Pollock

Julie Suzanne Pollock lives on the Main Street of Honeywood with her husband and son.

Main Street Moxie - Feminine verve and know how are a main stay on Main Street. Photo by Pete Paterson.

Main Street Moxie

Sep 13, 2012

Feminine verve and know-how are a mainstay on Main Street, learn how women retailers revive downtowns.

On Being Vegetarian

Aug 17, 2012

When Julie Suzanne Pollock decided to stop eating meat, her friends and family were not amused.

An Old-Time Jamboree

Nov 20, 2010

“People used to come in from the farms on cutters for dances in the winter,” says Beth. “The kids would sleep on coats in the cloakroom. So not much has changed, really.”

Heather Hayes

What Makes Heather Run?

Sep 13, 2010

Being a councilor can be a tough, time-devouring, often thankless job. So why would anyone want to do it? One neophyte candidate offers an answer.

In The Hills

In The Hills is an independent, locally owned print and online magazine that has earned its reputation as the best-read, best-loved magazine in Headwaters.

The magazine is delivered to more than 40,000 homes and farms throughout Caledon, Erin, Dufferin, Orangeville and Creemore – up to double the circulation of any other local publication. And it is available to visitors at local inns, restaurants, specialty retail stores and other tourist locations.