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Letters published in the SPRING 2007 edition of In The Hills magazine.

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Plow Plaudits

Re: Riders on the Storm (winter 06). We have lived in Caledon for more than twenty years and twenty winters. You sure know when you’ve crossed the boundaries of the Region of Peel during and after a winter storm. We certainly have the best of the best when it comes to snow removal. I loved the article and now appreciate even more this hard-working team of plow operators.

Thank you Storm Riders!

Jo Anne Lane, Alton


Add butter

Seems to me that there’s an error in the method of the recipe for clafoutis in the winter issue. There’s no butter listed in the ingredients. Yet the method says to beat the cheese “and butter” until light and fluffy.

As usual I enjoyed reading your magazine from cover to cover. Good to hear that the artist Arnold De Graaff benefitted from your recent coverage. I’ve visited his studio many times.

The content of the winter issue was especially good. I look forward to the next.

Nora Seper, Amaranth


Sandra Cranston-Corradini responds:

Apologies, the butter was missing from the recipe. The amount is just 1-1/2 tbsp. It’s a nice addition, but does not significantly affect the results. When preparing this dish with ricotta instead of quark, you can omit the butter.

Interested and delighted

In the Hills is great. Not only does it project something of the charm and the quaintness of the rural scene and feature both the diversity and the genius of its inhabitants, but it does so in their own words, their own pictures, their own experiences … it seems so real.

For the most part, it manages to respect multiple perspectives while maintaining a singleness of focus, an achievement never easy to accomplish but always appreciated by the reader. (The pages devoted to “Finding Richard” in the winter issue were a little surprising but, of course, the music of life includes elements of disharmony and, as the author points out, “It’s not all or nothing… There is no dove, but no flood either.”)

What is more, this magazine’s homespun flavour belies the art that is evident in its accomplished contributors, its expert layout, and its highly professional advertising content.

Best of all, it both interested and delighted this reader. Indeed I read it with such relish as to lead eventually to my saying to my wife, Elaine, “If ever we were to return to Ontario, we’d love to live somewhere in the vicinity of Orangeville/Caledon.” At least, we would if the area and the people in fact resemble the area and the people portrayed on the pages of that magazine (a publication fortunate enough to have my former colleague Ken Weber included in its list of editorial staff).

Larry Darby, White Rock, b.c.


Listen to this music

I have always enjoyed reading In the Hills and have found it very informative. In the article, Listen to the Music (winter 06), I noticed many of the CDs the writer reviewed were by friends of hers. I know it is hard to include all the talented musicians in Caledon, but I feel the music of Lorraine Rousseau and Robert Carlton should have been included. They are professional musicians who have four critically acclaimed original, instrumental music CDs.

Check them out for yourself at www.arrowrecords.com

Jeannette Rach, Caledon

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