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May 17, 2013 | | Back Issues

Currying Flavour from Eudora’s

All you add is meat, fish, tofu or veggies and Eudora’s does the rest. The Brampton-based purveyor of sauces and chutneys has been bottling the fresh tastes of India since 2008. Our favourite is Khaldin, a heady blend of coconut, cilantro, green chilies, ginger and garlic that’s sweet and spicy with just the right amount of heat. Eudora’s uses only the freshest ingredients (no additives) and simmers them slowly for an authentic homemade taste. Sauté some shrimp or chicken, add the sauce, and serve with rice or naan and a dollop of Eudora’s mango chutney on the side. It’s that easy. Other delicious sauces include tomato chutney, carrot pickle, coconut curry, green curry, vindaloo, kofta curry and butter chicken. Gift baskets are also available. All Eudora’s Fine Foods products are available online ( or at Harmony Whole Foods, Dave’s Butcher Shop and the Orangeville Farmers’ Market.

Sweet Saga

Vinarterta images by

Every Icelandic-Canadian household has its own recipe for vinarterta, a jam-filled, multilayered cake traditionally served on special holidays and at Christmas. And while the merits of one filling or flavouring over another can be the subject of vigorous debate in Canada’s Icelandic community, Icelanders in the know say Alton resident Arden Jackson’s version is the best they’ve ever tasted. We would have to agree the recipe her amma (grandmother) brought to Riverton, Manitoba in 1876 is irresistible. The seven-layer white cake, cardamom-laced prune filling and thick buttercream icing infused with Madagascar vanilla and Reyka vodka is not just delicious, it’s beautiful to look at as well. Oddly, the vinarterta tradition has all but died out in Iceland itself, but thanks to pioneer-minded bakers like Arden, the so-called striped cake is alive and well in the New World. You can order one of these extraordinary cakes for your next holiday celebration (or maybe just for fun) in four different sizes at Skol!

A Taste of Greece

You will never buy commercial yogurt again after you’ve tasted Sheldon Creek Dairy’s rich and creamy Greek-style BONJON yogurt. We particularly love the chocolate flavour made from non-homogenized whole milk, dark cocoa, cane sugar and sea salt. It’s so decadent you’ll be serving it for dessert at your next dinner party. Sheldon Creek yogurt also comes in chocolate-mocha, raspberry, vanilla and plain flavours. And besides enjoying the superlative taste, you can rest assured it’s all local, made at the den Haan family farm near Alliston from milk produced by their happy grass-fed Holstein cows. You can buy BONJON yogurt at the Sheldon Creek Dairy, the Rosemont General Store, Hockley General Store, Dave’s Butcher Shop in Orangeville, Garden Foods in Bolton, Howard the Butcher in Caledon East, Broadway Farm’s Market in Caledon, the 100 Mile Store in Creemore and many other Headwaters locations. For details visit

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  1. Arden’s vinetarta is so delicious you will eat it everyday with your coffee or a snack instead of unhealthy sweet buns , chelsea buns etc. Try it today!!!

    Ann Fenton from Canada on Jun 3, 2013 at 2:20 am | Reply

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