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Letters published in the Spring 2015 edition of In The Hills magazine.

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Neigh-bourhood watch

Just want to say your magazine is a gem. I was driving along a country road in the Headwaters region yesterday and came across this wonderful scene. I couldn’t resist pulling over, taking a photo – and capturing a “Country Neighbourhood Watch.”
Joanne Orsini, by email

Country Neighbourhood Watch. Photo by Joanne Orsini.

Country Neighbourhood Watch. Photo by Joanne Orsini.

Local Heroes

Thanks so very much for the most flattering piece you saw fit to put forth in the latest issue [“Local Heroes,” winter ’14]. It would cause those who know me to question who you were writing about, I am sure! You were most kind with your comments.
I appreciate regularly looking at In The Hills and always gain knowledge of people and activities in the area. We really are fortunate to live in this part of the world with the many attributes it holds. Thanks for pointing so many of them out.
Bob Burnside, Hockley

Bike Buddies Colin McArthur and Ted Forrest. Photo by Pete Paterson.

Bike Buddies Colin McArthur and Ted Forrest. Photo by Pete Paterson.

This story and video [at www.inthehills.ca] highlights once again Ted Forrest’s outstanding charity, dedication and support for others and for his community. Heroes are folks who do things for others that make a difference. Ted has made such a difference for the residents at Wellington Terrace through our Biking Buddy volunteer program, and now for individuals at ARC Industries Erin. He is truly a hero in both of these communities.
Colleen Cudney, Life Enrichment Manager
Wellington Terrace, Fergus

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the Human Library – a great time and great memories.
Brandy, Wanda, Ingrid, Darla and Pete (the best photographer ever), you went above and beyond, and I am touched and very grateful to all of you. You are all forever in our hearts. And owner and team at In The Hills, you all know how to make life brighter for everyone in the community – including helping us last year for Super Typhoon Haiyan (Philippines) fundraising.
Gerelyn Tabsing, Orangeville

Millpond Hockey

On behalf of the entire Alton Millpond Hockey Classic organizing committee, we are very pleased and honoured to have been given such a high profile article [“Millpond Hockey,” winter ’14]. We’ve also had quite a few people ask how they can get teams entered in the event as a direct result of the article.
Jeremy Grant, Co-chair
Alton Millpond Hockey Classic

Tribute to Ken Weber

I enjoy reading your wonderful magazine each time I visit our daughter in Grand Valley. I especially enjoy the columns and puzzles by Ken Weber. I was a student of Ken’s at the Faculty of Education in Toronto in 1973-74 and his love of teaching, especially of students who presented a challenge, was an inspiration that remained with me throughout my teaching career. My copies of his Five-Minute Mysteries were tattered and well used by the time I passed them on to my daughter to use in her classroom!
Laura Saunders, by email

Soul and Spirit

Thank you to Monica Duncan for her beautifully written article about my School of Miracles [“Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit,” winter ’14]. This is our 11th anniversary of our daughter’s passing and I feel it is divinely timed. It has been such an amazing journey thus far. I am excited about 2015 and look forward to the future!
Heather Scavetta, Caledon

Fat Bikes

sport_fatbikingDufferinForest5FeaturedMy boyfriend rides sometimes with Team Van Go [“Good Sport,” winter ’14] and he became convinced that a fat bike would make me more confident on the trail, plus he wants to ride in winter, so he bought a Surly that I can also ride with minimal adjustment. We went for a test ride in Dufferin a few weeks ago and I totally agree with writer Nicola Ross – the roots and logs are less intimidating and the hills are a lot easier with the extra traction from the fat tires. I’m now convinced that fat bikes will be revolutionary for those of us with a fear of the consequences of crashing our mountain bikes.
Christie, Ottawa, web comment

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