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Letters published in the Spring 2016 edition of In The Hills magazine.

March 21, 2016 | | Letters, Our Readers Write

Local Heroes

Kate O’Hara is guided by her it-takes-a-village philosophy. Photo by Pete Paterson.

Kate O’Hara is guided by her it-takes-a-village philosophy. Photo by Pete Paterson.

I want to extend a personal thanks to Tralee Pearce for a tremendous article in the winter issue [“Kate O’Hara: It Takes a Village,” pictured above with daughters], well written and true to the point. You have captured the very essence of what makes Caledon such a great place to live.

I was thrilled to see Kate O’Hara gain recognition for all the work she does. While many would suggest that community members like Kate are a dying breed, I have the distinct experience of knowing that to be untrue.

In my experience, community members who want to become engaged, but hesitate due to lack of knowing, are more likely to do so if they see others leading the way. What an amazing asset you have to be able to highlight those leaders. I am very truly proud of Kate and the accomplishments that benefit our community.
Johanna Downey, Regional Councillor, Ward 2, Caledon

Lovely article! [“Colleen Darrell: Trailblazing Volunteer”] But it does not talk of all the work on the social end of club activities – thousands of hours by Colleen and her husband Greg making the Caledon Bruce Trail Club social activities the success they are.
Andree Zeritsch, Brampton

I wanted to thank you most sincerely for including me in your annual list of Local Heroes [“Mary Rose: Dufferin’s Irish Rose”]. I am fully aware of what an honour it is to be featured. I usually detest being interviewed or photographed. However, it was a pleasure to work with writer Jeff Rollings and photographer Pete Paterson.
Mary Rose, Orangeville

Awesome Squash

I wanted to sincerely thank In The Hills and writer Nicola Ross for the terrific article about squash [“The Awesomeness of Squash” winter ’15]. It is my favourite sport, and it makes me really happy when people who aren’t familiar with the sport learn about it and, I hope, decide to give it a try (hopefully at the club where I teach so I can meet them!). It is a great promotional piece for a great sport that unfortunately does not get the media attention it deserves.
Leah Desbarres, Orangeville

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