Stars of Larkspur Hollow

Up close and personal with some of the stars of Liz Knowles’ garden – many of them from alpine destinations in Central Asia, China and India.

March 20, 2017 | | Leisure

Knowles_Tulipa-saxatilis Knowles_Iris-tectorum Knowles_Roscoea-humeana-alba Knowles_Oxalis-adenophylla Knowles_spring_East-bank Knowles_Ramonda-myconii Knowles_Saxifraga-S-Winton-Harding Knowles_Incarvillea-zhongdianensis Knowles_Sinopodophyllum-hexandrum Knowles_Gentiana-lutea Knowles_Astragalus-angustifolius Knowles_Helleborus-thibetanus Knowles_Arnebia-pulchra Knowles_Primula-denticulata Knowles_Iris-magnifica Knowles_Primula-bulleyana Knowles_Iris-lactea Knowles_Physoplexis-comosa Knowles_Cypripedium-parviflorum Knowles_Cypripedium-reginae Knowles_Berberis-koreana_Red-Tears Knowles_Meconopsis-Lingholm Knowles_autumn_Colchicum
Liz was inspired to grow Saxifraga ‘Winton Harding’ after seeing many saxifrages, known as “rock breakers,” growing in the wild from the French Pyrenees to Nepal. Photo by Rosemary Hasner / Black Dog Creative Arts.

Read on for the full story on Liz Knowles’ gardening style. Click here for  a four-season gallery of her gardens. And check out our Editor’s Desk for more on Liz’s history in Mono.

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Liz and George Knowles have lived and gardened in Mono since 1976. Photo by Rosemary Hasner / Black Dog Creative Arts.

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