Letters – Our Readers Write: Autumn 2020

Letters published in the Autumn 2020 edition of In The Hills magazine.

September 18, 2020 | | Letters, Our Readers Write

Inspired by the Fairies

I was inspired by the fairy house in your summer edition [“Away with the Fairies”] and made one (pictured above) for my garden. The foundation is a wooden birdhouse and I collected the stones along the shore of Lake Huron.

Our son and daughter-in-law live in Orangeville. I live in Mississauga but head to the hills often to hike, bike and explore.
Janet Larter, Mississauga

An addendum from writer Gail Grant:

My grandkids and I were rambling in the forest recently, checking in on some of the fairy houses. Next to one was a jar stuffed with three ornate silver buttons, chunks of polished orange amber and a Brownie patch, along with this charming note.

Pandemic Journals

Covid reflections

I have found the entire period from mid-March until now very distressing. In part, that is due to the terrible loss of life of those innocent victims in long-term care facilities here in Ontario [Editor’s Desk: “No Life Untouched” summer’20].

Knowing what I know from years ago when some predicted that a huge crisis in these facilities was possible due to budget cuts, apathy, mismanagement and callous government changes with respect to inspections, a disaster that was predictable happened. My hope is that we do not slide back, but that is possible after the present concerns abate. We all have to push to make sure that a return to previous conditions does not recur. Another concern is that some politicians are using the pandemic in a very opportunistic way for their own political agenda.

I like the personal accounts in the summer issue [“Pandemic Journals”]. Very community-oriented, which is what we need. We all must remember we each have a responsibility to look after each other and not let greed and ambition again be the dominant norm in our society.
Joe Grogan, Bolton

From the dynamic cover to the kaleidoscope of excellent articles, insights and photos – primarily having the pandemic as their theme – I found your summer issue to be uplifting, positive and ever so full of creative ways that our fellow neighbours have put into play, not only to survive but thrive in this ever-changing “new normal.” Well done indeed!
Verona Teskey, Bolton

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