Letters – Our Readers Write: Autumn 2022

Letters published in the Autumn 2022 edition of In The Hills magazine.

September 20, 2022 | | Letters, Our Readers Write

Rock Hill Freak Out, 1969

Re “The Phenomenon that was Rock Hill Park” [summer ’22]: I still have my ticket from a Rock Hill Freak Out – advance ticket number 1495. It says Youth Camp, July 2, 3 and 4. I remember The Guess Who debuting their song, “These Eyes,” I believe. On the back is a psychedelic sticker. I often thought the sticker might have LSD under it. I guess nothing ever surfaced about that sort of possibility?

David Courtney, Belwood

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  • Plowing Memories

    I want to say thank you to Anthony Jenkins for writing such a great article on Daryl Hostrawser [“Plowing His Own Furrow” summer ’22]. It is informative, and so correct in all aspects – most do not achieve that these days when covering the provincial, national or world competitions for plowing. Sadly, it is not as important as it was when formed in 1953. The very first World Ploughing Contest was held in Cobourg, Ontario. A postwar movement to promote peace around the world, and even today the plow remains a symbol of peace. So much history and so many generations of families involved.

    It was truly a pleasure to read Anthony’s words. Daryl is very deserving. We go back about 50 years. Daryl is a humble man. You certainly captured his true person. My husband and Daryl competed in Iowa together, both their first times at a world competition.

    Cheryl Timbers, General Secretary/TreasurerCanadian Plowing Organization

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