Local Heroes 2022

Every year we honour those who go above and beyond to help others, to make exciting things happen, and to improve the quality of life in their communities.

November 20, 2022 | | Back Issues | Local Heroes | Winter 2022

As Neil Morris, one of this year’s Local Heroes, reflects in these pages, “Of all the different philosophies and religions, one prevailing theme is about service to others.” Indeed, we are blessed in these hills to have so many people who embrace that concept. Community service beats inside them like a second heart.

Our local heroes this year hold a diverse range of interests, from keeping us warm and fed, to making our communities more livable and self-reliant. Others are creating spaces where our evolving population can get to know each other, and still another is helping to ease our exit when the time comes. They’re an accomplished bunch, and they’re doing important things. We are lucky to have them among us.

Click on the links or the pictures below to read more about this year’s heroes.

Sister Act: Malini and Hemani Singh 

Recipients of the 2022 Community Arts Volunteer Award, one of Orangeville’s annual Arts and Culture Awards, Malini and Hemani were recognized for their dedication to promoting classical Indian dance, music and culture both at their school and in the community at large.

Habit of the Heart: Neil Morris

Neil was awarded Caledon’s Community Champion Award 2022 for both his longtime participation as a member of the Bethell Hospice volunteer team and his involvement in a wide range of Caledon environmental initiatives.

Common Ground: Stuart Lazier and Tony Arrell

The driving force behind the creation of Creemore’s brand-spanking new, $4.5-million Village Green, an initiative to provide a place for people to enjoy, for families to play, and for community events.

Stitches in Time: Basia and Shannon Knowlton

The crafty mother-daughter team that lives in Orangeville is on a mission to keep people warm, fed and looked after with their well-known “Warmth for the Winter” initiative, and other charitable works.

Unity in Diversity: Althea Alli

Winner of the award for creative cultural event at Orangeville’s annual Arts and Culture Awards, Althea is being honoured for her dedication to the Dufferin County Multicultural Festival, and to promoting diversity in her community.

Invested in Community: Gord Gallaugher

The founding director, president and chair of the Dufferin Community Foundation is well known in Mulmur for his longtime passion for local politics, community service and charity work.



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  1. Good Afternoon:
    A few years back, ‘In The Hills’ contained an article on Gerald Donnelly, entitled ‘The Bird Man of Caledon’. I heard that he had recently died. I believe he was involved in the Trumpeter Swan Restoration Program, as well as being an Internationally known poultry judge. Has there been any thought of doing a follow-up article on his life?

    Jim Soul from Guelph (Formerly of Erin) on Dec 3, 2022 at 5:19 pm | Reply

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