Erin’s Woollen Mill Trail

Take an easy stroll from Erin’s Main Street to the banks of the West Credit River, dotted with historic mill sites that date to the 1840s.

September 8, 2023 | | Take a Hike

The Village of Erin has a rich industrial past, and the interpretive signage that lines this pretty trail both celebrates Erin’s natural heritage and brings its settlement history to life. Originally called Macmillan’s Mills, after settler Daniel McMillan who built the first house and several mills on the West Credit River, the name was changed first to Erinsville then shortened to Erin by 1880. Follow up your historic walk with a pleasant stroll along Main Street where you’ll find shops, a tea room, bakeries and more.

Where: Erin’s Woollen Mill Trail

Parking: Corner of Main Street and Mill Street

Distance: An easy 1km, 30 minute hike


During your stroll, look out for these landmarks and notable sights:

  • On Woolen Mill Lane, look out for a bench where you can peer through the trees and across the river for a view of McMillan Mill. Nearby is a charming trailside birdhouse.
  • At the top of the trail, spot the ruins of the Former woollen mill and flume c.1840.
  • By the former millpond, you’ll find Daniel McMillan’s grist mill. First built in 1849, the mill was rebuilt twice after fires, and is now being converted into a library.

After your hike, enjoy the shops on Erin’s charming Main Street which occupy the original Victorian-era buildings.

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Freelance writer Nicola Ross lives in Alton and is the author of the bestselling 'Loops and Lattes' hiking guide series.

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