Summer Contributors

Meet three creative contributors – Gail Grant, Anna Lee Boschetto and Fisher Monahan – whose work is featured in our summer issue.

June 14, 2024 | | Contributors

Gail Grant 

Gail Grant has contributed her “Over the (Next) Hill” and “Meet a Community Elder” columns to this magazine since 2015, plus many features with a focus on the senior years. “It’s such a privilege for me to be able to chat with local seniors,” Gail says. “Their diverse achievements and interests are always refreshing and uplifting. I love every moment of it.” For this issue, Gail tackled a difficult topic – Alzheimer’s disease – which she admits was heart-wrenching. “But I’m so grateful to the people willing to share their stories.”

A big fan of travel, for her 80th birthday the Caledon resident found herself “far past the end of the road” in the Costa Rican jungle, listening to howler monkeys. Prior adventures included paddling up the Yukon River and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on a dare, proving you’re never “too old” to do remarkable things. 

Anna Lee Boschetto

A first-time contributor to In The Hills, Anna Lee Boschetto delves into the burgeoning film production scene in Dufferin County, uncovering the inspiration behind this summer’s launch of the Dufferin Film Festival and connecting with rising screenwriters who participated in the festival’s inaugural writing contest. Anna Lee is an experienced communications professional and freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications including iRun, Canadian Living and Clean Eating

Alongside her passion for storytelling, Anna Lee enjoys exploring local eateries, tasting fine wine, and supporting community businesses. Based in Bolton, she shares her adventures with her two daughters. When she’s not immersed in writing or community activities, you can find Anna Lee hitting the trails as an avid runner, embracing the beauty of nature as a dedicated outdoors enthusiast, or curling up with a good book, indulging her love for reading.

Fisher Monahan 

​​This intrepid illustrator and travel writer from Creemore mostly splits his time between Glen Huron and Thunder Bay. His latest delightful drawing takes us around the village of Erin. Previous explorations for this magazine took him to the cafés of Orangeville’s downtown and to the hills of Mulmur. Though best known for his book, The Sweetgrass Chronicles: A Walk Across America, for which he wandered from Vancouver to San Francisco, his illustration work captures everything from mycologists to outdoor apparel companies. 

Fisher is currently wrapping up his first year at Lakehead University while continuing to draw and work on several design projects. Expect a few missives from Fisher’s rolling studio this summer to appear on Instagram (@fishermonahan), as he’s on a bike tour all the way to Nova Scotia, stopping in all the little towns along the way.

About the Author More by Emily Dickson

Emily Dickson is a writer and editor living in Orangeville.

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