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Laura LaRocca

A freelance writer and mother of five, Laura LaRocca lives in Laurel.

The Art & Therapy of Storytelling

Mar 23, 2015

Two young women and three artists combine efforts to shine a light on mental health.

Ces étudiants parlent Français

Sep 11, 2014

Opportunities for local public school students to study in French have increased significantly.

Robin Berger

Nov 18, 2012

Local Hero: Robin Berger has helped give a healthy start to thousands of babies in our community.

Brandy Robinson

Nov 21, 2011

Local Hero: Brandy Robinson initiated the Human Library to raise awareness about the richness and strengths of diversity in the local community.

Textbooks and Toddlers

Mar 24, 2011

There are strollers in the halls and moms in the classroom at ODSS, thanks to an innovative program that gives young parents a chance to complete their secondary school education.…

Bundle of Joy?

Mar 21, 2010

Babies arrive trailing clouds of happy expectations. But often those first few months can be anything but a joyful experience. Fortunately, this region is rich in programs to help mothers cope.