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Tim Shuff

Tim Shuff is a freelance writer.

How ‘Clean Fill’ Became a Dirty Word

Sep 11, 2015

With a proposal to flatten his farm fields, a Mono farmer stepped squarely into the centre an environmental hornets’ nest.

10 Years of the Greenbelt

Jun 16, 2015

Ontario launched the Greenbelt Plan’s 10-year review, which is taking place concurrently with reviews of the Niagara Escarpment Plan, the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan & Places to Grow.

Dufferin’s New Landlord

Mar 23, 2014

With its purchase of the mega quarry lands, a Canadian investment firm gained control of one of the biggest single blocks of prime farmland in Ontario. Will the new landlord be better than the old?

Carl Cosack

Nov 19, 2013

Local Hero: Carl Cosack fought to save our land from quarry development.

The Battle Shifts Gear

Mar 31, 2013

With the mega quarry shelved, opponents say they’ll keep fighting until they get permanent protection for farmland in Ontario.

The Apple Growers’ Blues

Aug 17, 2012

A spring freeze that wiped out 88 per cent of Ontario’s apple crop is only the latest in a string of challenges pressuring local growers to squeeze more value out of the humble apple.

Cody Gillies: End-to-end

Jun 19, 2012

Cody Gillies aims to run the Bruce Trail in record time – and raise money for sick kids at Headwaters Health Care Centre!

Welcome to Paradise

Jun 19, 2012

Luxury property developer Shane Baghai extends his ambitions – and his taste for excellence – to farming.

The Milky Way

May 18, 2012

Imagine, milk with terroir. Two local Ontario dairy farms are about to revolutionize the way we think about that most basic of foods.

Green Gravel

Sep 9, 2011

Can a green gravel certification solve the controversies over aggregate in Ontario? It had better, because it may be the only way out of our current mess.

Birth of a Protest

Jun 16, 2011

This spring, when The Highland Companies filed its application for a 2,316-acre limestone quarry, a small rural protest caught the big wave.

Melancthon Mega Quarry
by the Numbers

Jun 16, 2011

This spring, when The Highland Companies filed its application for a 2,316-acre limestone quarry, a small rural protest caught the big wave.

High Stakes in the High County

Sep 16, 2009

The Highland Companies, a U.S.-based investment syndicate, has assembled 9,500 acres, most of it in Melancthon, but many people in the community, led by NDACT, worry about the future of their farmland and water resources.

My First Time Fly Fishing

Jun 18, 2009

Because I love the outdoors, I always thought fishing would be the perfect sport for me.

Cook it and they will learn

Sep 15, 2008

The culinary arts program at ODSS has found a way to kids’ hearts and minds through their stomachs.

Local Farm, to Local Food, to Local Fuel

Jun 20, 2008

The Everpure Biodiesel Co-op aims to put the ‘bio’ back in biofuels.

The Menu is the Message

Jun 21, 2007

Feast of Fields connects the links in the local food chain in an annual festival of fun and flavour.

Bullfrog Power

Mar 22, 2007

Purchasing Power! Bullfrog Power’s green electricity is hot in Headwaters, but is it worth the premium price?

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