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Headwaters Sketchbook

Matching Birds to Food

Nov 20, 2010 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

The WINTER 2010 edition of the Headwaters Sketchbook: Matching Birds to Food.

Treasure Boxes

Sep 13, 2010 | Linda McLaren | Autumn 2010

Headwaters Sketchbook — A rainy day in October, a good day to open treasure boxes and dream of summers past or plan a winter holiday on tropical beaches.


Jun 15, 2010 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

Headwaters Sketchbook — Cicadas buzz-saw through the silence of a sweltering August mid-afternoon.

Mono Cliffs Park

Mar 21, 2010 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

On the way to our one-room primary school, we often picked the first spring flowers to present to our teacher.


Nov 15, 2009 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

Location: Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Date: January 9 Time: 10am Weather: Calm and snowy, -2 C It begins: Huge snowflakes spiral down through still air, forming another clean page on which to write, in paw print or feather mark, the record of wildlife activity. Click on the image below to view Linda McLaren’s HEADWATERS SKETCHBOOK…

Woolly Bear Caterpillars

Sep 15, 2009 | Linda McLaren | Autumn 2009

Brown and furry, caterpillar in a hurry!

Terra Cotta Conservation Area

Jun 18, 2009 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

Waterlilies and dragonflies on a summer morning at Terra Cotta Conservation Area.

Boyne Valley Park

Mar 21, 2009 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

And with spring come the ducks!

Wild Minks

Nov 18, 2008 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

A mink can swim 30 meters underwater, dive to five meters, curl up with a clear conscience to sleep in a muskrat den after having murdered all the occupants.


Sep 15, 2008 | Linda McLaren | Autumn 2008

Tiny cones hang down at branch tips, over winter they will open and release seed.


Jun 20, 2008 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

Grasses have flowers just like roses or daisies.

Eastern Meadowlark

Mar 23, 2008 | Linda McLaren | Back Issues

Eastern Meadowlarks decline 24% in 20 years.

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