Roseberry Farms Ginger Cake

But the other women were ooh-ing and ah-ing that this was the BEST cake they had ever tasted.

June 20, 2011 | | Best Bites | Departments | Food

Nomination:  Sarah Hallett’s Ginger Cake (from Roseberry Farms)

Where it’s served:  Creemore Farmers’ Market,

Nominated by:  Leisa Way

Why you think it’s worthy of “Best Bite” designation:

Because I hate ginger! I was enticed to take a ‘bite’ of Sarah’s ginger cake at one of our gatherings for Mary’s Kitchen. It is a group of incredible women who get together to cook all day – and then deliver 20-30 baskets of goodies (flowers, a book, tea, a full dinner) to a recipient that has been ‘gifted’ because perhaps they need cheering up, have lost a loved one, a job, a marriage (whatever the reason) and Sarah has been amazing in helping us all learn to bake – and to do it with love! Back to the ginger cake. I have never liked ginger in anything but sushi, so a ginger cake did not appeal to me at all. But the other women were ooh-ing and ah-ing that this was the BEST cake they had ever tasted. Curious, I decided I’d take just a small bite. Well! It was the ‘best bite’ I have ever had and I proceeded to eat the entire slice of cake (against my will). S o, when I saw your submissions for the ‘Best Bite’, I just had to submit Sarah, and her ginger cake (although everything she makes is delicious 🙂

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  1. Although I now live on the other side of the world to Sarah, I have to ‘second’ this nomination! I lived in Ontario for 2 years from 2006-2008, much of that time as Sarah’s next-door neighbour. As well as being a fantastic friend, she is also a fantastic cook, always trying new recipes, and creating her own. I was constantly impressed and inspired by the range of goods she baked, both for her stall at Creemore Farmers’ Market and for local cafes. Reading about the ginger cake is making my mouth water as I can just imagine how delicious it is!

    Kate Pendlenton from Brunei, Borneo on Jul 9, 2011 at 5:14 am | Reply

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