Running away from home

My dog insists on sleeping in the driver’s seat and we have a serious discussion about who’s driving.

November 27, 2011 | | Blogs | Community | Leisure | Red Squirrel Musings

When I was six years old I ran away from home… to the next door neighbour’s house. She fed me, entertained me, let me work in her garden for the day, then as the sun began to set, sent me home. Whereupon my mother spanked me for my abhorrent behaviour and sent me to bed without dinner. I remember this like it was yesterday and, trust me, it wasn’t! The house I ran away to was so close to my own that I could touch its walls from my bedroom window!

Today, when I want to run away from home, I have to pack a bag with two pairs of shoes – well one pair of shoes and one pair of wellies because you never know when it might rain; three kinds of outdoor jackets; two sweaters; two pants (one long, one short); a sleeping shirt; a wearing shirt – actually two shirts, one black and one lighter colour. Then the dog and cats decide they want to leave too, so into the car they jump. And I have to go back and pack treats and dinner for them too. While packing the “animal bag” I notice that we are perilously low on treats. Egads! A home with no animal treats! I might as well pack up and leave – anarchy would definitely set in! So off to the store we go. The trip to town reminds me I have to get supplies for the humans also – wouldn’t want my husband to go hungry.

In the grocery store I run into three people I know. Two want to get together for coffee and one wants to go to the movies tonight, it’s Cheapie Tuesday. Well, hmm, this does put a crimp into my run-away plans. Back to the car, where the animals are snoozing comfortably, though my dog insists on sleeping in the driver’s seat and we have a serious discussion about who’s driving. A guy standing close by can’t help but laugh and begins to relate a story about his dog…

Well, hell’s bells folks, it close to 4 pm by now. I head home, empty the car of animals, groceries, treats and my travel bag. I start dinner and leave a note for my husband, telling him not to wait up – I’m off to a movie and two coffee dates.* Big sigh, big sigh*

Being six was easier.

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