BUZZZZZZZ – It must be Spring!

The arrival of the red-winged black bird also signals the changing season.

March 17, 2012 | | Community | Leisure | Red Squirrel Musings

The ground is alive today with a buzz. The sound is electrifying as you walk the grounds of the “estate” (seeing as it’s not a true working farm!) This anomaly makes me laugh a great deal. Never in my years of living in the city was this a sign of the passage of seasons!

I have actually known that spring has been on its merry way for weeks. I have a very sensitive nose. I smell things before anyone else – I know it’s a weird statement – but it’s a truth. Do you know what spring smells like? It’s the smell that greets you when walk in the back forty. The soil breathes, moisture released, which results in the most glorious aroma to assault you senses since last fall.

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter. I love the snow. I love the cold. It has been a shy winter season in both regards. So when the spring senses were nudged, I found my step just a little lighter and the walks extending beyond the usual haunts and lengths.

The arrival of the red-winged black bird also signals the changing season. Their shrill call is delightful, that is until it comes way too early on a summer’s morn and you just want yell at the bugger to give it up – PLEASE – for the sake of a sleep in! I saw a flock of robins in our elm tree about a month ago –  a month ago! Unheard of! I thought for sure it was an aberration, but nope – they are here and loving the bug pickin’, worm diggin’, nest buildin’!

Spring is a season of rebirth. It is when we think of things like cleaning, reorganizing, winter wares away, summer’s lighter fabrics exposed. Laundry makes its way back to the clothesline. Duvets get aired for an entire day with an even greater anticipation of the night’s sleep to come the freshness enjoyed!

It is also a time that should be enjoyed by one’s self. Why should the home and such be the only benefactor to new beginnings. I take this time for me too. A re-evaluation of the mind, body and soul should take as much precedence as the other more obvious tasks. I laugh at the fact that my clothes are just a wee bit tighter now, but then when you’ve enjoyed comfort foods for the past five months, how can you not be a little “fleshier”!

I definitely find myself thinking more. My brain has come out of hibernation! I’ve started to write again for starters. I haven’t had much desire this past winter. But then again, life has a way of choosing your paths. I’m glad to have had the foresight to roll with the punches instead of fighting and being overall argumentative with myself and life.

Of course there are the usual signs of spring; new wood to be stacked for the upcoming winter months; black birds in the fireplace (it seems to be a Twinbrooks tradition); the massive sheddings of the dog and cats; the poop cleanup in the yard (lordy, they poop a lot); preparations of gardens (both on paper and the actual “garden,” eek); the pigeon poop clean up in the barn (weeks and weeks of scrubbing); and of course the preparation for the upcoming annual BARN SALE (which I hope will be the weekend before May 24th).

This year, I have had the joy of dog sitting Diesel the Dog, Kirsten Ball’s lovely Swiss Mountain dog. He goes home this weekend and it will be a very sad day for me and Kelly (my dog). Diesel is our foster dog/brother and when he leaves there is a huge hole left in our house, but more importantly in our hearts. I know Kirsten will be anxious to have him back into her home and fold, but I, on the other hand, will be just a little sadder for their return. So to my “DD”, hugs to you and thanks for a great winter of big dog love.

Happy Spring everyone.

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